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Quit Smoking Methods Videos

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Quit Smoking Methods, Products and Programs
"I've tried everything to quit and nothing works!"05:2602/13/14
"I tried your resources once, why should I try them again?"03:1004/22/18
"Whatever you do, don't quit cold turkey"07:4108/16/13
Who should you believe?01:4909/11/12
Are doctors taught about nicotine recovery?06:1708/29/14
Talk to your doctor about quitting smoking05:0805/03/16
Is cold turkey the only way to quit smoking?08:4008/12/12
Cold turkey quitting defined15:5203/01/12
Cold turkey quitting redefined again05:1503/20/16
How did the people you know quit smoking?05:1009/27/06
"I liked my other support group more"07:5108/25/12
What programs do I recommend?07:1011/09/12
Being locked up to quit smoking06:3101/06/11
Are people doomed to fail if they don't get help?03:1604/08/15
Relapses are not determined by how you quit smoking02:0904/21/15
Quitting smoking can be a very lonely experience02:5604/14/15
Real world quitters06:4601/06/11
Prolonging nicotine withdrawal06:2509/03/14
Quitting by gradual withdrawal07:13 10/18/06
Resources regarding stop smoking aids02:1506/27/14
My first encounter with NRT14:3711/16/06
NRT and quitmeters04:3203/03/16
30 years of nicotine gum04:0412/28/14
How many ways have you tried to quit smoking?04:2602/16/18
President Obama and nicotine gum10:2909/25/13
Be prepared for confusing information07:2810/04/12
My personal views on Chantix or Champix04:2706/21/13
Candid, detailed views of Chantix / Champix48:1610/19/07
Our views on the need for harm reduction06:3110/05/12
E-cigarettes and harm reduction29:4509/18/11
First TV ads for e-cigarettes: "reclaim your freedom"06:0211/06/12
E-cigs as effective as nicotine patches07:0809/11/13
Dual use of cigarettes and electronic cigarettes08:4509/16/13
E-cig users having a harder time when quitting smoking08:2302/27/16
Vaping: What you can’t see can still hurt you06:0401/03/19
Contrary to what you've heard – vaping is not safe04:2203/24/19
What about using herbal cigs or marijuana to quit?06:0609/04/14
"I quit the wrong way"04:5705/13/16
Learning how to comfortably smoke just after meals00:3603/27/17

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