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Symptoms Videos

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Recovery Symptoms
"What withdrawals should I expect when quitting smoking?"06:5301/18/18
"Will this get better?"04:2407/22/13
"Is anyone else experiencing the symptom ...?"07:4009/07/12
"Is this a symptom of quitting smoking?"05:1309/27/06
"Is this a symptom of quitting smoking?" [Part 2]11:3307/22/11
Common symptoms05:5509/28/06
Feeling like you are getting sick after quitting smoking04:3401/03/18
Disorientation that may occur when first quitting smoking08:3902/08/14
When you may really need to talk to your doctor03:3105/04/16
Medication adjustments that may be necessary03:1307/26/13
Quitting smoking and mental health03:5906/13/13
Why many people cough more after quitting08:3203/21/07

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