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Why many people cough more after quitting

Video discusses cilia repair that occurs after quitting that often results in an increase in coughing.

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Other resources touching on cilia repair issues:

Note: Not all people cough more after quitting. About five and a half minutes into the video I discuss this issue.

Additional commentary from the Freedom from Nicotine board covering this issue:

Even if you are not coughing, your cilia are regenerating and you are likely still sweeping your lungs clean–it is just coming out at a more gradual pace where it is not requiring coughing to bring it out. Keep in mind, cilia are working everyday in all non-smokers, sweeping and cleaning and yet most non-smokers only cough and hack when they are sick and in essense have excess mucous being produced that overwhelms the cilia capabilities. Your cilia will continue to heal and eventually be back to full capabilities as long as you always remember to never take another puff!

Important resources discussing why not all new coughs should be written off to having quit smoking

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