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Addiction Videos

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Addiction to Nicotine
You smoke because you're a smokeaholic03:4109/13/12
Why do smokers smoke? 18:0811/07/06
Nicotine addiction 11:4910/08/13
Addiction: the Surgeon General says ...12:0010/09/06
Criteria of addiction11:06 10/09/06
Nicotine tolerance05:28 03/05/18
Are you a nicotine junkie?06:4307/16/14
First e-cigarette ads: "reclaim your freedom"06:0111/06/12
Are additive free cigarettes less addictive?03:2705/06/18
The power of nicotine addiction09:2107/22/14
Extreme nicotine tolerance08:0903/19/16
"Please don't smoke"05:3308/04/14
"Just one little puff?"04:2612/06/17
"Maybe a puff isn't that big of a deal"06:2308/22/12
"Don't let a slip put you back to using"?08:1108/09/12
"Should I reset my quit meter?"04:0108/21/14
"Don't beat yourself up for smoking"04:2206/12/14
Past "successful" quits03:4706/11/13
The lucky ones get hooked09:3511/30/11
"Get right back in the saddle?"04:5310/07/12
"I don't need to smoke"10:29 11/09/06
"What should I call myself?"07:5408/04/12
"How can I be addicted? "I can go hours without?"12:1106/27/11
Are there social smokers?15:5610/29/11
"Why did I ever start smoking?"08:1909/27/11
"Why did I ever start smoking?" (old version)03:2209/27/06
Oral tobacco usage and addiction11:1105/26/13
"I fear addiction to my nicotine replacement therapy"02:3502/01/16
People in recovery from other addictions08:5011/20/06

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