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Videos About Helping Others Quit Smoking

Helping Others Quit
Helping others quit10:2208/06/12
Can you help a person quit who doesn't want to?09:0202/12/14
"You're wasting our money on cigarettes"05:3005/12/18
Helping others see that thoughts for cigs diminish over time05:5101/05/18
"Should I let him know that I know he is smoking?"07:0907/25/14
Showing others that there is life without smoking01:2405/09/16
Video to pass along to your physicians & dentists01:5505/05/16
How to help your patients quit smoking14:4905/05/16
How you can help prevent kids from vaping07:0001/23/19
How to help kids stop vaping04:0211/18/18
No one understands12:5808/16/12
Well-meaning but often meaningless advice02:4502/09/19
"I'm a serial quitter and I want to help people quit smoking"03:2902/24/16

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