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Recovery Process Videos

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The Recovery Process
Starting day one of your quit09:0211/21/06
Starting day two of your quit05:1011/21/06
"Why do you even try to help THOSE people quit smoking?"04:0201/27/18
Starting day three of your quit03:5711/21/06
Starting day four of your quit09:5811/22/06
Starting day five of your quit04:5011/23/06
Starting day six of your quit09:5911/24/06
Starting week two of your quit08:4011/26/06
Getting on with the rest of your life09:2111/27/06
First weekend issues after quitting smoking02:3806/13/13
What is withdrawal really like? 06:4810/29/12
Going back to normal after quitting smoking10:0810/24/11
Your first allergy season after quitting smoking03:5504/26/16
Tell a newbie how long each day you want a cig02:5806/20/13
"I feel 100% better since I quit smoking"08:4008/23/12
The first Monday morning03:2109/21/12
Predestined bad days06:3406/09/14
Dreams of smoking06:2811/10/06
The emotional stages of loss08:1809/28/06
New reactions to anger09:1508/09/12
How to do nothing without a cigarette03:5101/13/14
Does everything smell and taste better after quitting?04:3608/16/12
Possible voice improvements after quitting smoking03:4102/15/18
"How long before I don't want a cigarette?"05:2508/14/12
Difference between physical & psychological urges10:0010/08/12
"Will I ever stop thinking of cigarettes?"10:4711/20/06
Crave or thoughts for cigarettes that occur over time03:3802/28/14
Does nicotine withdrawal really last for months or years?08:5311/18/15
Comparing quits with others09:5401/06/11
Comparing quit experiences with others on YouTube blogs06:5902/04/18
Every quit is different02:3011/04/14
Everyone is different03:3001/06/16
Limitations with quitmeters04:2102/26/16
The advantage of having a difficult time when quitting03:1804/10/15
Unexpected benefit after quitting03:5509/21/12
Weight control concerns after quitting smoking43:5611/14/06
Overweight & not smoking or underweight & dead?09:0103/10/15
Does it take 21 days to break the smoking "habit"?06:1801/11/15
Quitting may lead to other self-improvements03:0710/02/06

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