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Smoking is easier than not smoking

Video discusses that in some ways, smoking is easier than not smoking. Former smokers often have to make decisions on important life matters–decisions that smokers do not have to make because their cigarettes make these important decisions for them.

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When you smoke, you don't really have to make many decisions. Cigarettes just have the ability to make all-important decisions for you. They decide how much time you spend with family and friends, at least non-smoking family and friends. When they say its time to go, well then it is time to go. They will decide how long you will stay in a movie, no matter how good the movie is.

They will help you make career choices. They decide where you work, non-smoking companies are probably out of your job prospects. They decide whom you hang around with at breaks at work, if you get a smoking break that is. They will help you with financial decisions too. They decide how much you are willing to spend for them. Actually, you are willing to spend whatever they are going to cost. They will decide insurance premiums too.

They will help dictate your public persona. They decide your overall aroma, for no matter how you try to mask their odor they are the predominate smell that people associate with you. They will help people make first impressions of you too.

They decide when you go shopping. You will put your safety on the line going out during blizzards or storms or whatever inclement conditions are thrown at you. When you run out of cigarettes, they tell you its time to go out and get some more not matter what the risk.

They make other lifetime decisions too. They decide whom you will eventually marry, or at least, who may marry you. They will decide how often and when you get sick, and they have many surprises for you along these lines. They even have the ability to make the ultimate decision for you; they can decide when you are going to die. Is it easier letting an inanimate object make these decisions for you? Of course it is. But is it preferable to let them make these decisions? Think about that. The odds are if you realize the decisions cigarettes have in store for you, you will probably finally make a decision for yourself. The decision you will make is to Never Take Another Puff!


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