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Breaking free from nicotine’s grip is
more doable than most people think

The idea that quitting smoking is close to impossible is often perpetuated at internet quit sites. This video hits home the point that this is a dangerous misperception. Quitting is in fact more doable than most people think.

I am assembling a string of a few short commentaries here that highlight how I see things a lot differently than most other Internet sites, most other quitting experts, and most sadly, most people who are still smoking in the world today. These groups view quitting smoking as an almost impossible to accomplish task, a task that only a small percent of smokers ever successfully accomplish. In the real world, nothing is further from the truth.

The common belief that "Most people who try to quit will fail"

There is a strong belief by many that most people can’t quit smoking. You will often hear or read quotes like: only 5% of people who try to quit will actually succeed. This is a statistic that is grossly misunderstood and leaves people thinking that they have very little chance of ever successfully quitting smoking.

The fact is, in America today, we have more former smokers than current smokers. Over 45.9 million Americans have successfully quit, and there are some 45.4 million who still smoke. If only 5% of people who try to quit succeed, how do you have more former smokers than current smokers?

Most people who looks at their own real world examples will realize that there are a whole lot of former smokers out there. Start surveying your family, friends, neighbors and co-workers. You are going to find that a whole lot of these people used to smoke and don’t any more. You will see from your own real world experience that successful cessation is possible. Most of these people quit on their own with a whole lot less understanding and support than you are getting now.

You can join their ranks and achieve long term success, and the health and life saving benefits that go with quitting, by making and sticking to a personal commitment to never take another puff.

Is Relapse a Natural Part of the Addiction Process?

Most other boards, and in fact most professional programs and nicotine addiction experts, see relapsing as a normal part of the addiction process. In a way we are out on a limb here at Freedom. We don’t accept relapse as a normal process of addiction. We see a relapse as a natural process of not understanding and/or accepting ones own addiction. For if the true implication of a relapse is understood, any educated and recovering addict would choose not to relapse.

Every recovering nicotine addict here has the tools in place to not relapse, which is why he or she is a recovering addict now and not an active user. He or she understands full well, up to this point in time that he or she could not control quantity of cigarettes or duration of the relapse. If nicotine is re-administered, the relapse will take on a life of its own, and has the full potential of taking your life in the process.

If you keep that understanding and keep in practice our one simple principle, a relapse is not going to be a natural occurrence and in fact, a relapse is going to be an impossibility. For as long as you follow one simple principal, you will never be able to go back to smoking. That principle is just remembering that if you want to keep control of your addiction to never take another puff!

If this is your first time quitting

You can quit your first time. You will hear lots of material to the contrary; that you have to quit over and over until it finally takes. It is a common misconception being perpetrated by many sites and even professional clinics and organization basically explaining why people quitting using such programs or approaches don’t often seem to succeed.

The idea that you "can’t" quit the first time is absolutely wrong. The only reason it takes most people multiple attempts to quit is that they don’t understand the addiction to nicotine. How could they, no one really teaches it. People had to learn by messing up one attempt after another until it finally dawns on them how each time they lost it, it happened by taking a puff. If you understand this concept from the get go, you don’t have to go through chronic quitting and smoking.

So learn from other people’s mistakes, not your own. Going through a quit once is bad enough, going through it over and over again is horrible and should be avoided at all costs. The way to avoid it is to always remember to never take another puff!.

At Freedom, relapse is not a normal part of quitting

Never get the impression that relapsing is a normal part of quitting. Relapsing is only normal for people who don’t understand addiction or don’t believe that they themselves are addicts.

Once you joined up here you were probably making an acknowledgement of your state of being at that time, that you were an addicted smoker. That state is never going to leave. Once an addict, you will always be an addict. But over time, it will become an asymptomatic addiction, hence, no visible signs, no real need.

However, your body is permanently altered and if you ever let your guard down for a second then a relapse is going to be a reality. Nobody knows if they are going to have another quit in them. But as long as you follow one simple lesson here, you will never have to worry about another quit. That rule is: to stay smoke free, and reap the health and lifesaving benefits that go with being smoke free, you must never take another puff!


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