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The urge hits

Video discusses options former smokers have when the urge for a cigarette hits.

The urge hits! You have been off cigarettes for a long period of time. You have not thought about cigarettes for days, maybe even weeks. But now, right now, you want a cigarette.

Sound familiar? It should. Your experience is shared by most of the millions upon millions of ex-smokers in today’s world. The thought of a cigarette is aroused by some situation, person or surrounding. Often you have no idea why–all you know is that you want one and you want it fast.

There are two ways to get over the urge for that cigarette. First, you can borrow, buy or steal one and smoke it. That will satisfy the urge for that one cigarette. It will also create an urge, a need, a full-fledged addiction for another one plus an additional million (if you live long enough to smoke a million) after that. Considering this, taking a cigarette is not a preferable solution.

The other method of getting over the urge is, simply, don’t take one. You don’t have to take a pill, a shot, a candy bar or a drink. All you have to do is go on with what ever you are doing. Go back to work, take a walk or just take a deep breath of fresh air.

Even better would be to take a minute or two and remind yourself of why you quit in the first place. This will help to reinforce your reasons for having quit and even help to further bolster your resolve. The urge will pass in seconds and once again you will go hours, days, weeks and eventually months before you have another urge. Stay happier, healthier and better looking and smelling by simply remembering to stick to your personal commitment to Never Take Another puff!


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