You’ve relapsed–now what?

Video introduces resource pages relating to having relapsed back to smoking.

“I’ve relapsed and I hate it” 
“Oops I had a false start”
Is relapsing on nicotine a good learning experience?
There is no legitimate reason to relapse
“I’ve got my smoking under control”
“Get right back in the saddle?”
“I know I will quit again”
“Don’t be so hard on yourself, you’re only human”
“It’s only cigarette smoking, it’s not like a crime punishable by death”
I liked my other support group more
“I tried Freedom once, why should I bother trying again?”
Have you hugged a relapser today?
“I’m a serial quitter and I want to help people quit smoking”
Do relapsed members really have something to teach?
Lost long term quits
Past successful quits
Some people won’t be happy until they relapse…
Relapse prevention resources
Resources related to the implications of a puff once you have quit
Can you spare about an hour and a half to help to save your life?