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Finding cigarettes

Short funny clinic story about unexpectedly finding a cigarette and the reaction it may illicit

Many years ago I had a clinic graduate relate an incident to me. He had come in the third night of one of my clinics for reinforcement after he had been off for a number of months. He told me that a couple of days earlier he found himself tempted to have a cigarette. He was in a men's room at his work where he saw a a single cigarette (his brand) and a lighter sitting on top of the urinal and all of a sudden thought to himself how tempting it was and how easy it would be to just light the cigarette and take a puff. I asked him when was the last time he ever saw anything else on a urinal in a men's room that he was somehow tempted to put into his mouth. At that he smiled and said, "point well taken." He has been fine since that realization.

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