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"Members of your site seem too happy"

Video discusses why people who quit smoking deserve to be happy with their decision and success.

2002 commentary from the Freedom from Nicotine board:

Misery loves company

Freedom is not the best site for this particular adage. For when it really comes down to it, most people here at Freedom are not that miserable. Yes, many of our members may relate to some miserable moments, or memories from early days of their quits where the first few days may have seemed pretty bad. Those days don't last long though and once a person has overcome them it is more important to share the message of hope, comfort and happiness that they have likely gained by quitting more than feeling the need to share the misery.

It is important for longer-term members to share the message that you may have been bad before but that most of the time that you are not feeling bad anymore. Yes misery loves company, but miserable people can make for some pretty miserable company. While on the board work with sharing the attitude that successful people love to see other successful people. Also, when you are in your real world, recognize that smoke free people love spending time with other smoke free people, where their air and lungs are not being assaulted by smoke.

In the past you likely lived with the feeling misery loves company whenever you were in a smoking room or any smoked filled area of any public place. You likely felt and witnessed lot a misery and yet didn't feel alone in those kind of places. While you may not have felt alone in such company, you likely didn't love the circumstances you were forced to live in at the time. Now you no longer have to face such situations and never will again as long as you always remember the importance of knowing to never take another puff!


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