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October 2004 Marlboro and L&M Ad in "The Atlantic" Fails to Include any Health Warning Label

One of the U.S. Surgeon General's required cigarette pack warnings

Can use of this warning be avoided by simply mentioning other products?

Is Altria in violation of 15 U.S.C. Chapter 36 Section 1333(a)(2)?

If so, help protect America's youth by filing a complaint with the FTC.

Magazine: The Atlantic
Issue: October 2004
Page: 007
Title: The importance of being more than the sum of your parts
Author: Altria Group

Full Text of Altria Advertisement - Emphasis Added

The importance of being more than the sum of your parts.

By the parent company of Kraft Foods, Philip Morris International and Philip Morris USA

Our name might not mean much to you.

But we're the parent of both the largest branded food and beverage company and the largest tobacco company in the USA. The parent of companies that, combined, purchase over $5 billion worth of commodities from other American businesses and American farmers each year.

The parent of companies that make brands which are in 99% of American homes. Famous brans. Household names like Nabisco, Kraft, Maxwell House, Marlboro, Post, Wheat Thins, Velvetta, Milk-Bone, Minute Rice, L&M, Miracle Whip. And many more.

But we're more than just the parent company of the companies we own. Our job is to create the proper environment for long-term, responsible growth.

Because, while our name many not mean much to you, it means everything to us.

Our name is Altria Group.

(corporate logo) Altria

Kraft Foods
Philip Morris International
Philip Morris USA

Altria.com Copyright Altria Group, Inc. 2004

Black & White Copy of Advertisement

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