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"Why I Smoke"

My cigarettes are my friend

The risks are exaggerated

My lungs can handle a little smoke

Get real! That's just a picture!

Not me! I blow out most of the smoke!

I don't see any changes in my body

It helps me concentrate and think better!

It gets my blood pumping!

I just can't see it!

It's just tobacco. It's not like I'm a real drug addict!

Well, my family still loves me

Well, my pets certainly do!

I'm in my prime!  Why should I worry?

I can afford it

I thought you meant the cost

I'd miss handling the butts

It only affects me - no one else

I've got plenty of time left to quit

Heck, I probably wouldn't even be missed

I tried to quit a thousand times

The truth is, I can't quit

"Why I really smoke"

How to Quit Smoking

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