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Messages from cold turkey ex-smokers who have quit smoking for at least 1 year

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Our turkey's triumph victory messages
#500 - 07/18/13

I have been free and healing for 1 year today!!! I absolutely love being an ex-smoker!!! The most important lesson I have learned, is the Law of Addiction.

I am a 39 year old man who runs upstairs because it's fun. But not only that, to me it's a reminder of how much my lungs have improved since quitting. I have taken up cycling for exercise. I sometimes have the urge to just run and I take off running with more stamina than I can even believe at times. I'm healthy, I'm healing, I feel healthy, I look healthy and thanks to WhyQuit I'm going to get to see those 5,000 sunrises John Polito talks about.

A special thank you to Joel, John and Joy for all you do, you guys are truly angels in disguise. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing the truth. Thank you for helping me gain my freedom over this health destroying addiction. Thank you for helping save my life friends.

Keith Heil

#499 - 07/18/13

Thanks to you all at WhyQuit. I found the information, articles and support from other members of your site an invaluable tool in my early days of stopping smoking. "One day at a time" I stopped and it got easier and easier, to the point now where, over a year and a half later, I just feel relief most of the time I think about cigarettes. I'm relieved that I am no longer letting myself be dictated to by the addiction to nicotine.

I look and feel the healthiest I have ever felt in my adult life and I am so grateful to WhyQuit as an excellent resource which helped me to be in this position.

Giving up is simple (never take another puff); it might not be easy but you helped me inordinately, and I thank you from the bottom of my (much healthier) heart.



#498 - 07/16/13

Today marks 4 years!! It was the best gift that I could have ever given to myself and to my family! Thank you to Whyquit.com and the best support group out there! I don't think I could have done it on my own!

Misty Sheffield Stanberry

#497 - 07/14/13

Hello my fellow turkeys! It has been a while since I made a post, I have been busy with life and it is getting better everyday :) The main reason being because I have been NICOTINE FREE for 1 year, 1 month and 8 days!

I have made it to GOLD and I am definitely on easy street. I look back to the day I took the challenge and I never saw myself here! When I was a smoker I always told my self that I would smoke my whole life, the greatest thing that has happened to me is proving that I will not always be a smoker and that I will never smoke again.

Smoke free LIFE all the way! To everyone out there who is taking the challenge and saying "NO" to nicotine, keep your heads up high, remember that easy street is not far away and that you are in control! If you are nicotine free, tell yourself that you ROCK!!!! Never Take Another Puff.

Dom Holt

#496 - 07/14/13

I have remained nicotine free and am here hoping you would join me in celebrating my completing my first year of not smoking. My stats I share proudly: 1 year, 1 hour, 1 minute nicotine free, not smoked 7,301 cigarettes, saving $4, 077.00, never really saw this money, but the rewards have been priceless. Saved 25 days, 8 hours and 25 minutes of my life.

Sylvia Ortiz

#495 - 07/12/13

On July 6th I hit four years! I can't even believe it and honestly never thought it was possible. It is with the help of WhyQuit that I was able to do it.

I never expected this type of freedom. I rarely even think about smoking. I'm with smokers on a normal basis as many of my friends and family members still smoke. What helped me the most in the beginning was just thinking of Joel's Palmolive bottle demonstration - any desire would disappear. Now when I'm with them I listen to their excuses as to why they are not ready to quit and it reminds me of why I can never have another puff. I used every excuse in the book until I found WhyQuit!

I just would like to express my gratitude to WhyQuit - it was a solution I'd been searching for and for that I am very grateful. Keep your quits - it works and it feels amazing!!!

Scottsdale, AZ

#494 - 07/12/13

Today I have completed two years of being quit. Feeling proud for becoming normal again!!

Prince Rajarathinam

#493 - 07/10/13

You'll be glad to know I celebrated 2 years free of nicotine on May 25th, 2013. I hope my example can help my family members who still smoke, I know I'll never be an enabler to them again. :)

I had a conversation with my manager at work yesterday where he asked me how I quit smoking. Along with personal testimony, I gave him WhyQuit's URL. I know your website will plant a seed in his mind that will grow and grow until he's finally able to do something about it.

Thanks, again!


#492 - 07/08/13

Today is my one year quit anniversary!! I just wanted to stop in and say thank you to WhyQuit and the awesome people in this group for helping me get here.

Amy Swanson

#491 - 07/04/13

Today I have been 1 year clean of tobacco. I totally Rock! If you couldn't tell I am very, very PROUD of myself. Happy Independence Day to me!!

Jackie Hughes

#490 - 06/30/13

Today I am a golden girl! My hubby asked me this morning how I would like to celebrate? I decided a bike ride. I now peddle farther and faster than ever before and enjoy a couple of zumba classes a week and I feel fantastic. I won't pretend it has been an easy journey these last twelve months but the knowledge I have gained from WhyQuit helped keep me on a steady path, I have learnt so much, especially the Law of Addiction, and I remind myself of it everyday.

Newbies, freedom is yours for taking! Grab it with both hands and run. Yes you can. NTAP.

Nikki Watts

#489 - 06/28/13

Free and Healing for 1 year, 2 hours and 36 minutes, while extending my life expectancy 25 days and 8 hours, by avoiding the use of 7,302 nicotine delivery devices that would have cost me $3,335.78.

Hello to my fellow Turkeys! I thought I would never see this day arrive for me. After several unsuccessful attempts to stop using nicotine over the years.... Freedom has finally come.

I started out on the WhyQuit / Freedom site after a friend was diagnosed with lung cancer. I made the choice to stop using that very day and vowed to fight my addiction. Sadly, Chris lost his battle with cancer and is sorely missed. His legacy is that his diagnosis was the catalyst which helped me realize that I was an addict and gave me the push to Never take another Puff.

Aaron Harte

#488 - 06/07/13

My name is Michael. Last year on June 16th I decided to stop smoking forever and never take another puff. I am confident that without your site I would have never made it. Nine days from now I will hit Golden if I understand correctly. I'm so happy. Everything is so much better.

I see people underestimate the power of one cigarette all the time. So many people "quit" on new years eve (that or "gradually stop" haha) and think that they can have the occasional cigarette... All have failed. I warned them, but there is not much more that I can do. But I succeeded because of you and I am eternally thankful to both of you. Now I understand that *any* amount of nicotine is too much. And this has helped me come this far.

I have seen some hard times. Death, stress, depression... I have gone through it all in this one year. But I NEVER took another puff. And I will never take one until the day I die.

So many things are better now. If I explain everything I will never finish this e-mail. I just wanted to say THANK YOU. I will be forever grateful.


#487 - 06/01/13

One Year, 10 hours and 15 minutes. 5,481 not smoked that would have cost me £1,872.48. Deletes counter. Done now.

No matter how long each of us is quit we're still only a puff away from one pack a day. For several months now I've not been constantly remembering I'm an addict, but I must never forget.

Sandre Jones

#486 - 05/28/13

I just wanted to say thank you for your website and your inspiration that allowed me to quit smoking, once and for all, 7 years ago now. It was through your web site and inspirational stories and forums that led me to finally kick the nasty, deathly addiction and has given me literally a second chance at life and seeing my 2 children grow. I truly thank God for you and your message.

Best regards,

Adam Shapiro
Boston, MA

#485 - 05/23/13

I will be quit for 8 years on May 30, 2013, thanks to WhyQuit! I first heard about your website from a TV show, "Cold Turkey", listening to Brian Lee Curtis' wife tell his story. I started reading on your site and it took me around two weeks to join the club to quit cold turkey.

I was a member of Freedom from Tobacco, which helped keep me strong. I wanted to say THANK YOU to all the great people on the site that helped me with their stories and words of encouragement. And a special thanks to Joel for all the articles; to this day "I have never had another puff", and I don't plan to.

Kind Regards,
Colleen Kennedy
Freedom from Tobacco Member, 2005

#484 - 05/22/13

I quit smoking one year ago after finding this site. Every story was an inspiration, and visiting the site daily in the first few months really helped. Thank you to everyone who shared their story.


#483 - 05/16/13

It's a year today since I stopped smoking and I can honestly say it was the best thing I ever did! I took back control of my life and am no longer a prisoner of those horrible things!!!!I can honestly say I will NTAP!! It's sooooo good to be free! Hope your all having a lovely ''smokefree''day.

Caroline Scother

#482 - 05/06/13

When I first started these videos back on May 23, 2012 I threw the pack I had away and never looked back. Thanks Mr. Joel for these vids. You are saving lives, including mine. I would have never guessed a year later I would still be smoke free!!!! Throw the pack away and never take another puff!!!! Look and feel 100% better! $3000.00 saved in one year!

Mitch Legendre

#481 - 05/05/13

I have now been free of nicotine for exactly one year today! I am so glad I did this, most definitely worth it, and MUCH easier than I thought it would be. I had been a 'committed' smoker for 35 years, so if I can do it, anyone can. Massive thanks to Whyquit, especially to Joel for his brilliant free download book, and to John, Joy and everyone at 'Turkeyville' for their wisdom, support and patience.

Helen Eynon

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