“I am doing okay, I’m not buying cigarettes”

Video addresses how some smokers have deluded themselves that they are not addicted because they don’t buy themselves cigarettes.

“I am doing okay, I am not buying cigarettes”

When I used to do follow-up calls I would at times get the reply from a clinic participant that, “I am doing okay, I am not buying cigarettes.” I know when I hear this comment I had an active smoker on the line, who was likely bumming cigarettes from everyone and anyone around them who would cough them up. Often these people were so self-delusional to their addiction that they actually had bought cartons for friends as presents, just to bum one or two a day back. The friend loves it, they are getting large quantities of cigarettes for free. The SMOKER loves that they can feel in control because they were not buying cigarettes for themselves. Their little game was keeping them in an active addiction, a chronic withdrawal and they were literally spending many dollars per cigarettes to live this self lie.

*Note: After shooting and posting this video this morning I found another version I published almost six years ago. The earlier version was shorter and probably more concise. Here is the link to the original version:

“I’m not buying cigarettes”

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