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Before attempting to contact WhyQuit or one of our associated forums (Joel's Library, Freedom or Turkeyville) please know that:

WhyQuit is a nicotine dependency prevention and cessation tool that exists to be used and shared. Although WhyQuit's articles obviously may not be mirrored at any other Internet site, they may be used for all non-commerical education purposes, including discussion topics within support groups, or as part of school, class or civic projects, so long as: (1) there is never any attempt whatsoever to profit from them; (2) no product or service is marketed or sold in association with their use; (3) no donation request is solicited in association with their use; and (4) all copyrights and proper author attributions are included.

An author use authorization associated with Joel Spitzer's free PDF e-book "Never Take Another Puff" is contained at the front of his PDF book.

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John R. Polito, Director
106 Aldrich Place
Goose Creek, S.C. 29445 USA
(843) 797-3234

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Joel Spitzer's Quit Smoking Reinforcement Library

Joel's Library

Joel Spitzer, Cessation Educator
Evanston, Illinois USA

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A cold turkey quit smoking / nicotine cessation support group.  This forum and our message boards are reserved for serious quitters.  Our highly focused single minded abrupt nicotine cessation education program sets 'Freedom from Nicotine' apart from other support groups

Freedom from Nicotine

Contact: Managers@WhyQuit.com

Sallie Hamilton, Senior Manager
Wisconsin, United States

Suzie Ryan, Assistant Manager
New South Wales, Australia

Turkeyville logo for WhyQuit's cold turkey stop smoking support group

WhyQuit's Facebook quit smoking group

Contact: Facebook@WhyQuit.com

Joy Kauffman, Senior Manager & Mayor
Florida, United States

Sallie Hamilton, Assistant Manager
Wisconsin, United States

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