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Disclosure of Financial or Competing Interests

WhyQuit is not a legal entity. It has no property, income, debts or accounts. It is simply a website name that has attracted a lose association of humanitarians who volunteer their time and energy in helping those dependent upon nicotine break free.

No volunteer associated with WhyQuit.com, Freedom from Nicotine (Freedom), Turkeyville or Joel's YouTube videos has ever accepted any income, fees or financial donation from any source in connection with their work or service to these sites. All work is volunteer and pro bono. The modest annual expenses associated with operating WhyQuit and keeping other sites as commercial free as possible (where permitted) are paid by Joel Spitzer and John R. Polito.

Although thousands of WhyQuit links open to websites which sell products or services, or solicit donations, all offers of cash donations to WhyQuit are declined, and WhyQuit itself has nothing for sale.

Any commercial advertising seen at "Freedom from Nicotine," Turkeyville or on YouTube is controlled by Tapatalk, Facebook, or YouTube respectively. Freedom, Turkeyville and Joel's YouTube video collection have no control over the products or services advertised by Tapatalk, Facebook or YouTube, nor has any person associated with these sites received any income from any host or advertiser.

As of 2018, Freedom on Tapatalk no longer has or accepts members. All old posts are read-only resources. Turkeyville on Facebook has two volunteer managers, Joy Kauffman and Sallie Hamilton, and one volunteer director, John R. Polito. None of Freedom's former or Turkeyville's current or former managers or directors have ever accepted any form of compensation or payment for their work at WhyQuit, Freedom, Turkeyville or YouTube.

Joel Spizter is an expert cessation educator who volunteers at WhyQuit in linking quitters to his articles, videos and discussions. As paid professional staff, Joel Spitzer served as Smoking Programs Coordinator for the American Cancer Society, Chicago Unit, Illinois Division from September of 1977 to November of 1978. He worked as Quit Smoking Programs Coordinator for the Rush North Shore Medical Center as paid staff from November 1978 until July 2000. Joel served as a smoking prevention and cessation consultant to the Evanston Department of Health and Human Services from 2000 until 2008, and served as consultant to the Skokie Health Department from 2002 until January 2007. He was compensated by each department and compensation was never dependent upon or in any manner tied to the number of participants in attendance, where they resided, or how they found the program.

John R. Polito is 1999 founder of the WhyQuit website and oversees its volunteers. John has presented free, periodic community-based nicotine cessation programs since April 2001. From 2003-06 he conducted free bi-monthly nicotine cessation seminars on behalf of the College of Charleston's Counseling and Substance Abuse Services in Charleston, SC, where from 2005-06 he was compensated under a grant from The American Cancer Society. John also from time to time presents paid private seminars. During 2007 and 2008 the South Carolina Department of Corrections hired John to present 63 nicotine cessation seminars to correctional officers, staff and inmates at 28 S.C. prisons. John's free pdf book is sold elsewhere. John has worked at a grocery store since 2015 where, when working as a cashier, his duties involve sale of tobacco and nicotine products.

WhyQuit's financial disclosure was last reviewed
for accuracy on 07/25/18 by John R. Polito