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Statistically, roughly half of all new quitters visiting your web site will be cold turkey quitters searching for guidance on how to take the mystery and cold out of abrupt nicotine cessation.  WhyQuit is dedicated to providing the high quality motivation, science-based education, counseling (both video and messageboard) and group peer support tools needed for cold turkey quitters to realize lasting freedom from nicotine. We do so in a commerical-free not-for-profit forum that actually declines donations. We'd be honored if your website allowed one-click access to a resource devoted exclusively to their unique nicotine dependency recovery needs.

Operating on a marketing budget of love, aside from search engines WhyQuit's primary means of connecting with smokers and new quitters is with the help of those who realize this forum's potential and have decided to help spread the word.  To you we extend a most sincere thanks!  

Thank you!

WhyQuit.com - a free online quit smoking forum offering motivation, education, skills development, counseling and serious group support

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A free online quit smoking support group for cold turkey quitters

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A free online quit smoking support group for cold turkey quitters

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