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November 2019

Additional Freedom posts given a permanent home at WhyQuit

October 2019

Joel's new videos:

- Do you want a cigarette ... H.A.L.T. 10/09/19

- What does NTAP mean? 10/08/19

September 2019

Joel's new videos:

- Should I take up smoking to get off of vaping? 09/16/19

- Severe illness and deaths linked to vaping 09/08/19

August 2019

Joel's new videos:

- Is withdrawal prolonged with more addictive nicotine products? 08/24/19

- Supercharging nicotine’s addictive potential 08/21/19

June 2019

Joel's new video:

- Sleep disruptions and adjustments after quitting smoking 06/03/19

May 2019

May is National Stroke Awareness Month. Image of skeleton having a stroke while smoking a cigarette with caption reading smoking doubles risk of stroke. #BrainforLife
Click image for higher resolution version

April 2019

  • 04/04/19   Fact check of FDA cold turkey fact check

  • March 2019

    "Am I safe smoking 2 to 3 cigarettes a day?" Absolutely not! 03/08/19

    Joel's new video:

    - Contrary to what you may have heard – vaping is not safe 03/23/19

    February 2019

    WARNING: Dreaming of motherhood while you smoke or vape: While another study ties nicotine use during pregnancy to ADHD, 80% still smoking when they learned they were pregnant were unable to quit. This article reviews why. - 02/28/19

    “If we stopped selling cigarettes tomorrow, someone else would take our place” The duplicity of Phillip Morris International's newest catch, poison and kill a wee bit longer corporate responsibly campaign is laid bare by Australian Professor Simon Chapman. 02/13/19

    STUDENT ALERT: e-cigarettes & juuling are dangerous - 02/09/19

    Pfizer Chantix commercial steals cold turkey: Risky, expensive and ineffective real-world quitting pill masquerades as cold turkey’s lovable mascot. 02/06/19

    FDA knew stop smoking product clinical trials not science-based: Hundreds of placebo-controlled NRT, Zyban and Chantix studies not blind as claimed. 02/02/19

    Joel's new videos:

    - Kids and vaping: an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure 02/14/19
    - Well-meaning but often meaningless advice for smokers who are quitting 02/09/19
    - The importance of the first three days of your quit 02/02/19

    January 2019

    Joel's new videos:

    - How you can help prevent kids from vaping
    - Vaping: What you can’t see can still hurt you

    December 2018

    Did Ray Liotta really quit smoking with Chantix?: Facts shared in 2016 social media posts conflict with actor's 2018 Chantix claims.

    November 2018

    Joel's new video:

    - How to help kids stop vaping

    October 2018

    Joel's new video:

    - Please hold me accountable so I can quit smoking 10/12/18

    September 2018

    Ex-smokers antithesis of England’s 'don’t quit cold turkey' Stoptober campaign: Why would any rational government discourage and attack its nation’s most productive and effective stop smoking method?

    July 2018

    Cold turkey clobbers e-cigs, NRT and Chantix: Data from a July 9 PLoS One study found cold turkey 2.6 times more effective than e-cigs and 11 times more effective than NRT in producing ex-smokers.

    Joel's new video:

    - "Thank goodness it's only cigarette smoking" 07/06/18

    June 2018

    Joel's new video:

    - Are your odds improved next time you quit smoking? 06/11/18

    Thanks to Nima we now have Persian translations of most of Joel's Reinforcement Articles (06/11/18):

    PDF of Chapter 1:
    دلیل سیگار کشیدن
    PDF of Chapter 2:
    هزینه های سیگار کشیدن
    PDF of Chapter 3:
    روش ترک کردن سیگار
    PDF of Chapter 4:
    پیشگیری از بازگشت اعتیاد
    PDF of two weight control and two youth prevention articles
    موضوعات مرتبط

    May 2018

    WhyQuit's Privacy Statement page was reviewed and updated on May 25 to indicate compliance with the EU's new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). As part of WhyQuit's privacy update, all memberships at Freedom - our original support group which is now a "read-only" site - were deleted. All Freedom membership application records containing member email addresses were also deleted. These steps should aid in helping protect the privacy of former Freedom members.

    Joel's new videos:

    - "I hate smoking so much that there is no way I could ever go back" 05/22/18
    - "You're wasting our money on cigarettes" 05/12/18
    - Are additive free cigarettes less addictive? 05/06/18

    April 2018

    Joel's new videos:

    - "I tried your resources once, why should I bother trying them again?" 04/22/18
    - Help! It's an emergency. I relapsed! 04/21/18
    - You have relapsed--now what? 04/16/18

    March 2018

    Joel's new videos:

    - Using deep breathing as a safe and effective quitting aid 03/20/18
    - How long does it take to become re-addicted to nicotine? 03/15/18
    - Nicotine tolerance 03/05/18

    February 2018

    Joel's February videos:

    - "If I go back to smoking, I'll just quit again" 02/27/18
    - "Why should I quit smoking, I could just get run over by a truck" 02/20/18
    - The smell of relapse 02/19/18
    - How many ways have you tried to quit smoking? 02/16/18
    - Possible voice improvements after quitting smoking 02/15/2018
    - Quitting smoking should cost you nothing 02/05/18
    - Comparing quitting smoking experiences with others on YouTube blogs 02/04/18
    - A 99.9% commitment to quit smoking will fail 02/03/18

    January 2018

    Junkie Thinking: A page pulling together Freedom's junkie thinking posts.

    The Law of Addiction - successful quitting's only rule

    Freedom's Law of Addiction thread: As explained immediately below, the second Freedom thread to be reformatted and receive a new WhyQuit home is The Law of Addiction.

    Tell a newbie how many seconds a day do you still want a cigarette: This year will be devoted to salvaging and restoring as many key Freedom threads as time permits. "Tell a newbie" -- 33 pages in all -- is the first. As you may know, Freedom, WhyQuit's original support group, is no longer accepting members and is winding down. Cold turkey quitters seeking support are encouraged to visit Turkeyville, which, under Joy and Sallie's loving care now has more than 10,000 members.

    Freedom's demise is a product of Facebook and Turkeyville's popularity, Freedom's new hosting company demanding substantially more money to keep the site ad free, and electronic migration from MSN to Yuku and now to Tapatalk destroying the formatting of most posts, leaving many in shambles. Restoration and rebuilding of key threads at WhyQuit will be time consuming but worth it.

    Joel's January videos:

    - "Why do you even try to help THOSE people quit smoking?" 01/27/2018
    - My YouTube outreach efforts 01/20/18
    - "What withdrawals should I expect when quitting smoking?" 01/14/18
    - AskJoel 01/08/18
    - "You should retitle that video" 01/06/2018
    - Helping others see that thoughts for cigarettes do diminish over time 01/05/18
    - New Years 2018 YouTube channel update 01/04/18
    - Feeling like you are getting sick after quitting smoking 01/03/18
    - It's still cold outside--why this is a bigger problem for smokers than non-smokers 01/02/18
    - "It's cold outside, boy do I need a cigarette" 01/01/18

    December 2017

    New Year's Stop Smoking Keys: Motivation, Education & Support "Why should I quit smoking?" "And how?" "And once I do, how do I stay quit?" The short answers? Motivation (why), education (how) and support (staying free).

    Joel's December videos:

    - Joel's 2018 New Year's message to smokers
    - Is quitting smoking harder than quitting other drugs?
    - Fears regarding smoking and quitting
    - "You know smoking one or two cigarettes is better than having smoked two or three packs"
    - "Just one little puff?"

    October 2017

    Stop Smoking Video Discussions and Comments IndexAs seen at this link, Joel is in the process of creating new WhyQuit pages that combine his years of Freedom video discussions and comments with each corresponding video. Once complete, this collection will allow video users immediate one-click access to all of Joel's materials related to each video.

    April 2017

    Joel's new video:

    - "Will I eventually dislike the smell of cigarette smoke?"

    March 2017

    Joel's new videos:

    - Learning how to comfortably smoke just after meals
    - "I am going back to smoking when I'm eighty"
    - "You got this"
    - "I can't afford to quit smoking"

    January 2017

    100 Reasons to Get Excited About Quitting Smoking - As with all human endeavors, success in quitting smoking isn't about strength or willpower but about dreams and desires.

    Best way to stop smoking in 2017 - While the biggest quitting day of the year has passed - New Year's - it's never too late to allow today to become the most liberating day of your life.

    Joel's New Year's video:

    - Are you questioning your New Year's resolution to quit smoking?

    November 2016

    New HTML FFN-TJH topic articles
    Chapter 8:  The First 72 Hours

    - Smart Turkey
    - Genuine Commitment

    September 2016

    A new video entitled "Is your nicotine free electronic cigarette actually nicotine free?" was added to Joel's Library on 09/28/16.

    August 2016

    A new video entitled "When did I actually quit smoking?" was added to Joel's Library on 08/11/16.

    May 2016

    New videos added to Joel's Library:

    - Curiosity killed the quit - 05/26/16
    - "Oops I had a false start" - 05/24/16
    - "Don't be so hard on yourself, you're only human" - 05/17/16
    - "I quit the wrong way" - 05/13/16
    - Showing others that there is life without smoking - 05/09/16
    - New video to pass along to your physicians, dentists and other allied health professionals - 05/05/16
    - How to help your patients quit smoking - 05/05/16
    - When you may really need to talk to your doctor about quitting smoking - 05/04/16
    - Talk to your doctor about quitting smoking - 05/03/16

    April 2016

    New videos added to Joel's Library:

    - Your first allergy season after quitting smoking - 04/26/16
    - Hey, I'm talking to you - 04/13/16
    - The pitfalls of forming a buddy system - 04/08/16
    - Have you hugged a relapser today? - 04/07/16
    - Smokers DON'T have to quit multiple times before they will succeed - 04/01/16

    New HTML FFN-TJH topic articles
    Chapter 7:  Roadmap Overview

    - Starting Point
    - Ending Use
    - Recovery Layers
    - Recovery Time Line

    March 2016

    New videos added to Joel's Library:

    - "Please don't quit using" - 03/31/16
    - Smokers who face even higher risks from smoking - 03/29/16
    - "I've relapsed and I hate it" - 03/23/16
    - Frequency and duration of thoughts and urges - 03/22/16
    - Change of season triggers--the spring - 03/21/16
    - "A safer way to smoke?" - 03/20/16
    - Cold turkey quitting redefined again - 03/20/16
    - Extreme nicotine tolerance - 03/19/16
    - "What's the use in quitting now?" - 03/13/16
    - The use of scare tactics - 03/11/16
    - Should smokers feel "safer" because some non-smokers get lung cancer? - 03/09/16
    - "Wish me luck in quitting smoking" - 03/06/16
    - For former smokers not celebrating a major milestone today - 03/04/16
    - NRT and quitmeters - 03/03/16
    - "I will not smoke today" - 03/01/16

    New Chapter 6 HTML topic articles

    Chapter 6:  Common Hazards & Pitfalls

    - Early Alcohol Use Risky
    - Co-Dependency Concerns
    - Avoiding blood sugar swing symptoms
    - Your blood caffeine will double
    - Avoid Crutches
    - Nicotine gum, patch & lozenge a fraud, sham and hoax
    - Placebo isn't a quitting method
    - Big pharma smoking cessation secrets
    - Varenicline: Chantix & Champix
    - E-cigarettes: unsafe & unnecessary
    - Negative support
    - Breathing second-hand smoke
    - Bad days & disturbing dreams
    - Recovery weight gain
    - Recovery weight control
    - Menstrual cycle considerations
    - "Help me, I'm pregnant and smoking!"

    February 2016

    New videos added to Joel's Library:

    - Electronic cigarette users having a harder time when quitting smoking" - 02/27/16
    - Limitations with quitmeters - 02/26/16
    - "I'm a serial quitter and I want to help people quit smoking" - 02/24/16
    - "How can I quit if I live with a smoker?" - 02/22/16
    - "I can't quit because..." - 02/20/16
    - Quitting in a smoking friendly society - 02/19/16
    - "That's amazing that you didn't smoke" - 02/18/16
    - "I am afraid I might get addicted to my nicotine replacement therapy" - 02/01/16

    Is smoking damaging your thinking and memory? This study reports how each year of smoking makes the smoker's cerebral cortex thinner, reducing their ability to remember, think and reason.

    January 2016

    "What's the easy way to kick the smoking habit?" Article explores why looking and waiting for an easy way to kick the cigarette smoking habit is likely a deadly mistake.

    New videos added to Joel's Library:

    - Do whatever it takes to quit smoking - 01/28/16
    - "You will never make it, here have a cigarette" - 01/22/16
    - "It's only cigarette smoking, it's not like a crime punishable by death" - 01/20/16
    - "I have heard that women don't have much of a chance at successfully quitting smoking" - 01/13/16
    - Lung cancer: Isn't there a cure just around the corner? - 01/12/16
    - Life goes on without smoking - 01/10/16
    - "Members of your site seem too happy" - 01/07/16
    - Everyone is different? - 01/06/16
    - "I know too much about smoking to ever be able to relapse" - 01/04/16

    November 2015

    New video added to Joel's Library:

    - Does nicotine withdrawal really last for months or years? - 11/18/15

    July 2015

    New video added to Joel's Library:

    - A Pakistan video based on My cigarette, my friend? - 07/04/15

    New topic articles from FFN-TJH:
    Chapter 4:  Use Rationalizations

    - Inventing use rationalizations
    - "Just one." "Just once."
    - "Use relieves stress and anxiety"
    - "Nicotine is my friend"
    - "I like it." "I love it."
    - "I'm just a little bit addicted"
    - "I do it for flavor and taste"
    - "My coffee won't taste the same"
    - "It helps me concentrate"
    - "I use to relieve boredom"
    - "I do it for pleasure"
    - "It's my choice and I choose to use"
    - "It's just a nasty little habit"
    - "I'll lose my friends"
    - "I'm still healthy"
    - "I can't stop"
    - "I'm fighting monsters and demons"
    - "I'd gain weight and that's just as dangerous"
    - "I vape e-cigs and they're vastly safer"
    - "I can't drink alcohol without using nicotine"

    Chapter 5:  Packing for the Journey Home

    - When to Start Home: Now or Later?
    - Pack for Recovery
    - Document Your Core Motivations
    - Pack Durable Motives
    - Pack Patience: One Day at a Time
    - One Challenge at a Time
    - Journey Patience
    - Pack a Positive Attitude
    - The Value of Documenting Your Journey
    - Using Ex-users for Refueling
    - Using Users & Never-users for Refueling
    - Using Marketing to Boost Resolve
    - Using Society's Use Controls as Fuel
    - Using "You" to Re-fuel Determination
    - Using the Internet to Keep Recovery Fueled
    - Destroy All Remaining Nicotine

    June 2015

    Topic articles from John's FFN-TJH book: As time permits, the Chapters from John's book are being converted into HTML topic articles. The articles will be linked together from beginning to end. Here are the first articles:

    Chapter 1:  Nicotine Addiction 101

    - That first subtle "aaah"
    - Chemical slavery's onset
    - Tolerance
    - What is nicotine?
    - As addictive as heroin?
    - Addiction not news to tobacco industry
    - Freedom starts with admitting addiction

    Chapter 2:  The Law of Addiction

    - The Law defined
    - The Law of Addiction reflected in studies
    - Missed relapse lesson

    Chapter 3:  Quitting "You"

    - Recovery instead of quitting
    - An infected life
    - Forgotten breathing & endurance
    - Forgotten sensitivities
    - Forgotten mealtime

    Portuguese "I smoke because I'm a smokeaholic": Thanks to M.Violante, another volunteer translator, the first of hopefully many HTML translations of Joel's articles has arrived.

    May 2015

    Sunday: World No Tobacco Day: Whether ready to quit yet or not, it's an opportunity to learn successful quitting's only rule

    New videos added to Joel's Library:

    - "I've read so much about the dangers of smoking I've come to the only logical conclusion..." - 05/08/15
    - "I am the only smoker I know" - 05/6/15

    April 2015

    New videos added to Joel's Library:

    - Relapses are not determined by how you quit smoking - 04/21/15
    - The Law of Addiction - 04/16/15
    - Quitting smoking can be a very lonely experience - 04/14/15
    - "I will quit when I finish this pack" - 04/12/15
    - The advantage of having a difficult time when quitting smoking - 04/10/15
    - The real cigarette induced "roller coaster" ride - 04/09/15
    - Are people doomed to fail if they don't get professional help to quit smoking? - 04/08/15
    - Quitting smoking is a simple process - 04/07/15

    March 2015

    ESPN helping addict teens to smoking nicotine: Is ESPN using its magazine to intentionally flood your child's school with cigarette, tobacco and nicotine advertising?

    Nicotine Cessation: Lost in the Deserts of Abu Dhabi: Smoking cessation hopelessly lost, it's totally appropriate that the 16th World Conference on Tobacco or Health (WCTOH) is being held in the desert.

    New videos added to Joel's Library:

    - Videos to watch to enhance your ability to quit smoking - 03/20/15
    - My goals for the resources I produce to help people to quit smoking - 03/19/15
    - Do you really need to want to quit more than you want to smoke? - 03/18/15
    - Make sure your quit is not contingent on others - 03/17/15
    - Going to places where you can't smoke when first quitting smoking - 03/16/15
    - Why I recommend cranberry juice when first quitting smoking - 03/13/15
    - How quitting smoking is like learning to ride a bicycle - 03/12/15
    - Life as a smoker is a balancing act - 03/11/15
    - I'd rather be a little overweight and not smoking than underweight and dead! - 03/10/15

    February 2015

    New videos added to Joel's Library:

    - A 100% guaranteed way to successfully quit smoking - 02/25/15
    - Treat quitting smoking as if you are fighting for your life - 02/24/15
    - Some people won't be happy until they relapse... - 02/23/15
    - The danger of using Internet quit sites as a crutch to quit smoking - 02/15/15
    - Update to video "Premature deaths caused by smoking" - 02/12/15

    January 2015

    10 studies screaming "leave replacement nicotine alone!": The bottom line is, NRT doesn't work, is undercutting successful quitting and costing lives.

    New videos added to Joel's Library:

    - "My smoking helps me to breathe better" - 01/26/15
    - "I will control my smoking now" - 01/15/15
    - Does it take 21 days to break the smoking "habit"? - 01/11/15

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