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Tell a newbie how many seconds a day do you still want a cigarette

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Remember the first few days after you quit smoking? Remember worrying that the urges, wanting and craves would never end? Here's your chance to reach out and tell both smokers and new quitters what it's like now. Below are 33 pages of comments written by hundreds of former smokers who had successfully quit smoking for days, weeks, month, years and some even over a decade, sharing what it was like for them at these different points in time to be nicotine free.

If a cold turkey quitter, please email us and share with visiting newbies both how long you've been 100% nicotine-free (paste your quit meter stats if possible) and how many seconds each day you spend wanting a cigarette. We'll then add your response to the below "Tell a newbie ..." parade which Joel started back in 2001 in our original support group Freedom.

#301 | 19 Dec 2003 | sunnydaze529

I have maybe a crave once a week, but it's definitely psychological craves and nothing more that. It lasts brief seconds until I remind myself that I don't smoke anymore. Then, I move on to something else. I'll be green on Monday and I'm looking forward to moving into the next level of relaxation, comfort and freedom.banana em

Hang in there! It does get easier one day at a time. NTAP

KTQ for 27 days, by not using 540 sickarettes while gaining a 1 Day and 20 Hours to my life and $97.52 in my pocket.

#302 | 04 Feb 2004 | MorganPQuit

I actually spend very little time wishing that I could smoke a cig. Probably less than 60 seconds a day...before you know it, you're mind is on something else.

Newbies that read this will discover that as their quit goes on, you spend more and more time thinking of how proud you are of your self for quitting. The more you read, the more you admire.

If you're in a cold winter like me, you spend lots of time looking forward to going on a long bike ride or a run since your lungs will be up to the task, when it warms up.

John said it best.
This Member of the ANYBODY but BUSH party has spent the last 4 weeks 2 days 14:11 minutes smoke-free, That's 606 fixes not smoked, and $121.20 still in my account, 2d 2:30 time spent doing something other than killing myself!

#303 | 04 Feb 2004 | SabineJadeBronze

What I find fabulously cool is that I don't have those thoughts everyday anymore... For every three days I experience about ten seconds that I think about actually smoking! Every week I see a difference! Hang in there, it sure does get better.


I have been smoke free and living better for 3 Weeks, 2 hours and 54 minutes. I have saved $84.48 by not smoking 422 nasty cigarettes. Best of all, I have saved 1 Day, 11 hours and 10 minutes of my life.

#304 | 05 Feb 2004 | NopuffPat11green

I'm so happy! I just turned Green and on my way toward enjoying the rest of my life. I smoked at least a pack a day (25) per pack here in Canada, for 43 years. I feel absolutely wonderful and most days I maybe think about smoking 2 or 3 times - and that's NOT a crave. Cravings are more rare and seem to only happen with emotional triggers.


01/06/2004 at 20:02:28I have chosen not to smoke for 4 Weeks 17 Hours 58 Minutes 32 Seconds. Cigarettes not smoked: 718. Money saved: C$341.39. Boy am I ever smart now - too bad it took so long banana em

#305 | 05 Feb 2004 | So gold

After being free for little more than 15 months I can honestly say


And I've gotten here one day at a time and so can you!

Totally free for 1 Year 3 Months 1 Week 6 Days 22 Hours 31 Minutes 34 Seconds. Cigarettes not smoked: 11773. Money saved: Nkr35 320,39 ($5072) At 5 minutes per cigarette my time / life is longer by 1 Month 1 Week 2 Days 21 Hrs 7 Mins 25 Secs

#306 | 05 Feb 2004 | TerrysDaughter Green


4 months, 3 weeks, 6 days, 18 hours, 49 minutes

#307 | | NicotineFreeJon

I turned GREEN last Sunday and pretty much had an easy time of my first month. Don't get me wrong there were times, especially in the first couple of weeks, that I thought to myself, "I could just have a **** now". These thoughts, literally lasted for about 10 seconds max! This is because I realised very quickly, that yes, I could smoke A ****, but I certainly don't want to smoke the thousands that will quickly go with it. I am pleased to report that I can't remember now the last time that I wanted a ****. An important distinction needs to be made here for me. Whilst I don't often want a cigarette, I do think about ciggies numerous times a day. This can be in the form of visiting this site, watching others smoke and remembering myself doing it, etc. etc. This however is not a problem for me. I think it is important to remember the fact that we are addicts, and we could never do this if we didn't ever think about smoking.

The Law of Addiction

This is all about education for me....... when I think about what we are learning here, there is really nothing that I can think of that I miss about smoking!

So, for all of you 'newer' - new members than I, hang in there. It does get better and it is worth it! You can do this if you just remember to never take another puff! Not easy, no, but very simple!

One month, three days, 21 hours, 9 minutes and 27 seconds. 697 cigarettes not smoked, saving £132.55. Life saved: 2 days, 10 hours, 5 minutes.

#308 | 05 Feb 2004 | Canadadel gold

I'm here to tell ya that it REALLY does get better with time. My thoughts of a cigarette are very fleeting and sometimes not even quite conscious. For example, today I took the dog for a swim and a game of ball. After I was finished, I thought I was missing something in my hands. In the space of a few seconds I realized I had my purse and the plastic bag with the dog balls in it ........... Oh, I know what it is, I don't have cigarettes!! Then I grinned and felt so proud!

Cigarettes may cross my mind 3 or 4 times a day. The thought might stay in my mind for 3 seconds each time. The nice thing is I NEVER want a cigarette.

I smoked for over 40 years and for much of that time I smoked 2 packs a day, sometimes more.

I have been free of nicotine for 1 month, 1 week, 5 hours .... 573 smokes haven't polluted my body and I have over $200 in my pocket. In a few minutes I will have added 2 days to my life!

#309 | 19 Feb 2004 | Alyson GOLD

For Island Girl Andrea.

I never want a cigarette.

I can't remember the last time I had a craving. Haven't encountered a trigger in well over a year, I figure.

It's just a matter of reconditioning and that just takes time!


#310 | 19 Feb 2004 | Gold Harleyboy

Motorcycle Well, the truth is, "I never want a cigarette". I'm not real comfortable mosttimes, sometimes my brain seems a little foggy or I "fidgit" (can't sit still).

It gets better everyday! Sometimes it's 4 steps forward & 1 step back. Sometimes it's 2 steps forward & 1 back. It doesn't matter. I'm going forward!

One Day at a Time. It works for me. NTAP
Harleyboy 46 days of Freedom & loving every minute of it

#311 | 05 Mar 2004 03:21 | Layla Jane

I thought there would never be a day when I didn't think about smoking. The truth is now I barely ever think about cigarettes.smile em If I do think of them it is usually that I take notice of how I never think about them. I recently went in for a yearly check up and when the Doc asked if I smoked - I said no for the first time!smiled em It feels really good to be able to say that. I know every ex smoker probably says it - but if I can quit anyone can. You have to quit for the right reasons and there is only one: YOU! I love not smoking and I love my quit.wink em

LJ - Free and healing for Eight Months, Twenty Eight Days, 7 Hours and 25 Minutes, while extending my life expectancy 18 Days and 21 Hours, by avoiding the use of 5446 nicotine delivery devices that would have cost me $1,101.52.

#312 | 05 Mar 2004 | NS Sandra

Hi! I remember reading this string in the very early stages and thinking "Wow, but I'll never do that" - well I have - 8 weeks and a couple of days - 2017 cigarettes not smoked - £450 saved ($810 - ciggies very expesnsive in the UK).

Time spent thinking about cigarettes - none really - the only way cigarettes are in my thoughts are when people either ask or congratulate me about my quit.

If you're a newbie then keep reading - even when like me you don't want a cigarette - I must have read everything on this site at least 3 times and I'm still learning - all I can say is that it really does work!!!

Good luck - remember NTAP


#313 | 05 Mar 2004 | gaynie goes

I have been quit for 5 Months, 3 Days, 20 hours, 11 minutes and 8 seconds (155 days). I have saved $748.03 by not smoking 2,337 cigarettes. I have saved 1 Week, 1 Day, 2 hours and 45 minutes of my life.

The ONLY time I think about cigarettes is when I see someone smoking or smell cigarette smoke and I think to myself " I'm SOOO glad I don't do that anymore, sooo glad thats not me...I'm free and it feels great!

You can do it...one day at a time.

rose emGaynor

#314 | 07 Mar 2004 | kattatonic1 gold4

Good Lord, I forgot!

I am all choked up. I posted to this parade at day 18 of my quit. I have to post again because today I actually forgot I ever smoked completely for the very first time. I don't think I've had a real trigger in many, many weeks but I worry about triggers and have a little habit now wink em of dropping by Freedom. I just consider all that to be mindful taking care of my quit. Anyway... I just dropped by the computer before bed and there was a message from a 12-year-old fan of mine (friend's daughter). She asked how long now since I quit. She's so cute; she checks every 4 or 5 days. I was stumped. I had to open my quit meter, thinking, "oh yeah, I'm quitting smoking". Then I thought, "nope, I guess I have quit, past tense". Wow! Sniff. Getting all misty here. Please pass the tissues! I FORGOT ALL DAY. I DIDN'T EVEN REMEMBER TO DROP BY. This is staggering.

I know this moment came earlier for some of you quitters, but I have to say, those of you who are waiting for it... it is absolutely worth waiting for! Thanks to Freedom for such real freedom today! Sniff!

~ Kay ~

Celebrating 2 Months, 13 Days, 21 Hours and 29 Minutes of Freedom.
Forsaking 1498 doses of poison has liberated $480.81 and 5 Days and 4 Hours of my life.

#315 | 07 Mar 2004 | Betheve3

Congratulations on turning green. I just turned green myself and I smoked 45 years, a pack a day, sometimes more. I, too, find that the cravings are a lot less frequent now, and less intense. I think of it maybe 3 times in a day, but also, only when my triggers get activated. After work is a time I always lit up without fail, so that is a trigger. But I am ready for it and I get through it.

#316 | 08 Mar 2004 | k z lk z 2gold

I was counting how many times I want a cigarette at the beginning of my quit, the number was too big, I was thinking that all my day was being completed with the thought of cigarette and nothing else, but today once a week, sometimes once per two weeks, no more than that. Some friends here probably remember my cries, my quit was hard in the first months. Just be patient newbies, just wait and see your relaxation.

kızılkız Vildan
I have chosen not to smoke for 7 Months 1 Week 6 Days 8 Hours 16 Minutes 9 Seconds. Cigarettes not smoked: 3425.

| |

Kona Posts 15 Unread post 08 Mar 2004 19:16 #317 I am truly amazed that I never "want" a cigarette. I spend about 10 MINUTES a week praising myself for my quit. I try to remember to keep telling myself "good job", ... there is no high in the world like feeling proud of yourself. So i wallow in pride now and again. I have chosen not to smoke for 2 Months 1 Week 6 Hours 8 Minutes 54 Seconds. Cigarettes not smoked: 2017. Money saved: $453.98.

Keep reading.
Never take another puff.

#318 | 08 Mar 2004 | LadyHouck

How many times a day do I still WANT a cigarette? None. Not even one. I could care less about a cigarette anymore. Occasionally I will have a fleeting thought like..."I used to smoke now." and that's about it. But I don't WANT one ever and haven't in about a month. But I'm keeping my guard up and remembering where I came from so if a pesky thought creeps up on me, I'm prepared to smash it!

2+ Months free

#319 | 09 Mar 2004 | dancebear37

After 42 days of freedom from nicotine, there are only 10-30 secs every 3 days when I have fond memories of and the slight desire for smoking. These only last a couple of seconds and are usually followed by how bad my lungs would feel after that first drag, and how awful my mouth would taste, not to mention the loss of freedom and that smoking would actually only make things worse.

I don't ever want to smoke again and am so much happier with out that expensive, hazardous, smelly burden. proud to be living my new life-


#320 | 09 Mar 2004 | pants gold2

There are days I want one still, for 5 seconds max.

Otherwise a big zero. I forget I ever smoked most days these days.

Keep it going everyone - no more ciggies - choose life!



Quite date 1/2/03 so, 14+ months (I don't have a quit meter anymore...)

#321 | 10 Mar 2004 | ChristyLynnH1971

It has been EXACTLY 2 months today since I quit FOR GOOD…This is the happiest I have been since I started smoking 15 years ago. I am so proud of myself and everyone else on this site. EVERYTHING about my life is better since I quit smoking. I am still around smokers quite often, but have found that after the initial 5 minutes of uncomfortable-ness seeing the smokers and fearing that I will want one…I don't and it's amazing!

The other day was HUGE for me. I'm up every morning at 6am…the other day, it was 4:45pm before I even had a thought of a cigarette (not a craving…just a 'wow, I haven't thought about cigarettes all day')…then the thought was gone. When I first quit, it was SOOOOO hard to believe that I would have a day like that…b/c I thought about the 'demon' every minute of every hour the first several days…I went almost 12 hours without a single thought…unbelievable.


It's been 2 months TODAY!!


#322 | 17 Mar 2004 | rebmiami green

At 140+ days,

Some days, no seconds.
Every four to seven days, maybe fifteen seconds,
Easily brushed aside.


#323 | 17 Mar 2004 | CocoaKommitted

So I think about cigs all the time. Mostly not wanting one. Often reinforcing what I've learned here. Think about how my lungs hurt and my body is still not adjusting. How long does that take?

#324 | 17 Mar 2004 | FearNothingDK GOLD

On my eighth day it's just about all I could think about. That day I was in tears.

Now when I have those brief moments where I think I'm having a craving, I really think hard about it, and picture myself smoking that cigarette ... and guess what ... I realize each time that I really DON'T want it. I smile and carry on with my life.

(Day 17) My guess would be the brief moments of thinking I want nicotine is maybe 4 times a day. But I'll have to pay closer attention to it. smile em

Sandy - Free and Healing for Seventeen Days, 20 Hours and 43 Minutes, while extending my life expectancy 17 Hours, by avoiding the use of 214 nicotine delivery devices that would have cost me $85.81.

#325 | 17 Mar 2004 | WoggyGold

Never. Way to educated ,and after a year I couldn't even tell you when I last had a craving. Therefore it is proof that "It Really Does Get Easier". Hang on tight to what you've got.


1 year and 4 weeks

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