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Classic Cigarette Ads

If you analyze the messages in cigarette advertisement, they will no longer be able to influence you to idealize cigarettes. To the contrary, you will see how ridiculous the messages are and it can help reinforce your resolve to no longer be manipulated by such tactics.

Following are some examples.

As more and more people became afraid of pollution, tobacco companies tried to tie their products to the idea of fresh air.

Kool cigarettes advertisement

This ad should read, "If your afraid of pollution, go stick your head in a chimney!

Some people feel as if cigarettes are their companions. They don't need friends as long as they have cigarettes.

Benson & Hedges cigarette advertisement

In the following one, the man at least has a dog. But he probably doesn't even care if the dog jumps overboard as long as it doesn't splash and get the cigarettes wet.

Benson & Hedges Mornings & Me cigarettes advertisement showing a man smoking with his dog in a boat

The next one showed how they tried to tie in to the women's liberation movement. The caption here read, "In 1903 Miss Elma Clairborne tried to sneak a few drags while her nearsighted husband was getting his glasses fixed. Miss Clairborn made a spectacle out of her self.

A Virginia Slims lights cigarette advertisement

This was trying to tell women to be equal to men they had to smoke. Well it worked, women are more equal to men in heart disease, cancer, strokes and a slew of other diseases now.

They try to tie in smoking with sex.

A Winston How good it is with Winston's finer flavor cigarette advertisement

The caption chopped off in the next one was, "You make out better at both ends." Very few people ever saw the cigarette in this ad.

A Pall Mall cigarettes advertisement with two girls atop an old car

Freud would have loved this next one. "It's not how long you make it, it's how it makes it long!"

Winston cigarettes advertisement stating it's how it makes it long

The next one read: "Nature in the raw is seldom mild!"

Lucky Strike cigarettes advertisement

Trying to associate a product with sex is not surprising. Many manufacturers do it in one way or another. But tobacco companies are unique. They say there product is better than sex.

Doral cigarette advertisement

The sheik comes into the harem girls tent. As he is about to carry her out he hears from nowhere "Taste Me, Taste Me!" When he realized its the cigarettes singing he drops the girl and takes the cigarettes.

Or this one...

L&M cigarettes advertisement

You can see from the look on her face what she wants but his reaction is "Leave me alone, I want to smoke my cigarette."

Watch ads in the future. See the senseless messages being delivered in them. They will often show you happy, healthy people participating in vigorous activities. Think about how many of things shown in ads are just the opposite of what the reality of your life was when you were a smoker. Examine the ads and their illusions and look at the reality of smoking and you will always choose to never take another puff!

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