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"Please help me"

Resources addressing requests for us to help a person to quit smoking or to secure his or her own quit:

The below commentary was lifted from my online support board. It talks about reading of the materials we provided at the site. The same concept applies to this YouTube channel, by simply substituting the words “read” or “reading” with “watch” or “watching”:

There is an important underlying message in many of the posts put up by our members and managers when we are asked to help a person in distress. That message is for the member to read, read, read. We have provided a great wealth of information here and at WhyQuit about the addiction and a lot of posts from all of our members with real life examples of how a smoke free life is a real possibility for any person wanting to stay quit.

I get letters daily from members and non-members thanking us for providing these materials and who say that they have spent hour upon hour reading all of the materials in the Quit Library and on the board. They make it clear that many things they read over and over again to secure their quits. You can tell that these people are spending a lot of time working at securing their quits. Its interesting because I never got an email from a disgruntled ex-smoker who has said that he or she was really mad because of all of the time that he or she has wasted reading these materials over and over again.

There are times though where I will get a letter from a person who has relapsed who will say with great regret that he or she wished that he or she had done more to secure his or her quits. Sometimes these are from people who were once long-term ex-smokers and now have been smoking years or decades because they didn’t put enough of a priority on staying quit.

Again this comes down to the issue of what can we do for you in securing your quit. We can do what we are doing–providing you information on the dangers of smoking, enhancing your knowledge on the process of quitting and the importance of keeping your guard up and your ammunition reinforced of why you want to stay smoke free.

How we do this is by having this site and up and going 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year, as long as our webhost servers stay up and going. It is crucial to note though that your quit is not going to stay easy by us just doing our part. The fact is that each and every member and reader is going to have to do his or her own part if this quit is going to stay on track.

Your part is to read and learn as much as you can, on bad days and occasionally on good ones too. In fact, the more good days you spend a little time reading here at Freedom, the less bad days you are likely ever to experience. Read and learn as much as you can here. The more you read the stronger your quit will stay and the more resolute you will always be in the commitment you made when you joined up to never take another puff!


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