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New Year’s Stop Smoking Keys:
Motivation, Education & Support

John R. Polito

Nicotine free in 2019"Why should I quit smoking"? "And how?" "And once I do, how do I stay quit?" The short answers? Motivation (why), education (how) and support (staying free).

Tragically, the vast majority of New Year’s quitters will attempt flying blind and alone, without any lessons. It's why, according to the CDC, 12 of 13 quitting attempts (92.6%) crash and burn.

Your 2019 New Year’s quit smoking resolution need not go up in smoke. In fact, it's impossible to fail so long as all nicotine remains on the outside. Easier said than done, right?

But what if you were somehow able to become more dependency recovery savvy and wise than nicotine's grip upon your mind and life? What if your newfound recovery wisdom remained highly motivated and generously supported?

Three totally free life extending tools:

Kim's lung removal surgery scar1. Motivation: WhyQuit

While half of adult smokers smoke themselves to death, their daily dying isn't on the evening news. Home to the bravest of the brave, heros like Deb, Kim, Bryan and Noni, WhyQuit shares an ever so tiny sampling of the 19,178 lives daily snuffed out by tobacco.

Roughly 2.2 million unique annual visitors, Whyquit isn't all doom and gloom. While awareness of the hidden, silent and widespread devastation occuring within can help stiffen determination and resolve, WhyQuit also shares the bounty and beauty of coming home. Two upbeat motivators are WhyQuit's Recovery Benefits Timetable and Turkey's Triumphs, more than 700 hundred victory messages from long-term ex-smokers.

2. Education: Joel’s Library

photo of Joel Spitzer on Fox news Which American stop smoking educator holds the record for presenting the most live clinics and seminars? Which one holds the record for teaching the longest? And which facilitator is today the Internet’s most watched, quoted, trusted and relied upon cessation counselor? Joel Spitzer may well be the correct answer to all three.

Want to learn to solo and soar? An excellent starting point is Joel’s basic How to quit smoking video. Next, get a quick feel for the breadth and depth of recovery by scrolling through Joel's video page index. Download a copy of Never Take Another Puff, Joel's popular free quitting ebook. If you've already started your quit, glance at Joel's Daily Quitting Lesson Guide. Now, consider using Joel as your flight instructor by spending as much time as possible studying within Joel’s Library.

3. Support: Turkeyville

Turkeyville, WhyQuit's Facebook support groupImagine the inspiration of soaring in the company of 10,000 smart turkeys this New Years. Turkeyville is WhyQuit’s popular Facebook quit smoking support group. No replacement nicotine, no gradual weaning schemes, no toying with e-cigs, no taking Chantix or Zyban, no hypnosis or acupuncture, the group is reserved exclusively for cold turkey quitters.

Why cold turkey? Because it works. But don't take our word for it. Instead, take a poll all ex-smokers you know who have been off of all nicotine for at least a year. Ask them how they did it. You'll discover a giant bird in the room. Cold turkey is the recovery method that each and every year helps more nicotine addicts arrest their chemical dependence than all other methods combined.

quit smoking smart turkeyThriving under the watchful yet loving eyes of two of Joel's online graduates, Joy Kauffman and Sallie Hamilton, Turkeyville’s primary rule is that members cannot post messages to the group unless and until they have abruptly ended all nicotine use (cold turkey). And that goes for not permitting smoking relapse posts either. For years, everyone in the group was an expert at inventing excuses to smoke nicotine. In that there are legitimate relapse excuses, they don't need hearing more, especially while trying to quit.

Although that may sound heartless, there must be at least one place on earth where nicotine has no voice, one haven where the entire focus is on a single unified objective: remaining nicotine-free today.

Consider using 2019's arrival as motivation for getting pumped-up about coming home, as justification for becoming a smart turkey, and in surrounding yourself with like-minded birds. Discover that knowledge isn’t just power, it’s a quitting method. Become a wise and healing bird. Baby steps, just one lesson at a time, yes you can!

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Written 12/30/17.
Reformatted 08/29/18 by John R. Polito