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Smoking, Smoking and More Smoking

Cigarette smoking's horrible truths

Smoking Consequences
Chemical Dependency
·Nicotine addiction
·Getting hooked as teens
·Smoking a mental illness and disease
·A new best friend
·Marriage to a chemical
·Invention of smoking rationalizations
Tars and Toxins
·Smoke's 81 cancer causing chemicals
·Our self mutilation
·Puffing on polonium
·The smoker's body
Diminished Abilities
·5.8 fewer teeth than non-smokers
·Diminished ability to run
·Restless sleep
·6 more sick days per year
·Smoking bans at parks/beaches
·The forgotten you
How Smoking Destroys the Body
·Circulatory disease
·Lung destruction
·Heart disease
·Artery destruction
·Secondhand smoke
·Increased risk of death
Other Smoking Consequences
·Fetal injury or death
·Horrible example for children & teens
·Pet cancer
·Risk of starting fires
·Secondhand smoke injury
·Higher tuberculosis smoker death rate
·Increased health insurance costs
·Fewer employment opportunities
·Becoming a litter bug
Smoking Related Diseases
Smoked chemicals touch every cell
·Abdominal aortic aneurysms
·Acute myeloid leukemia
·Artery damage
·Bladder cancer
·Brain damage
·Breast cancer
·Buerger's disease
·Cervical cancer
·Colorectal polyps
·Degenerative disc disease
·Fetal brain damage
·Hearing loss
·Heart disease
·Hodgkin's disease
·Kidney disease
·Lung cancer - females
·Lung cancer - both genders
·Memory loss
·Oral cancer
·Rectal cancer
·Small cell lung cancer
·Stomach cancer
·Sudden infant death syndrome
·Throat cancer
·Vascular or circulatory disease
·Voice box cancer
Smoking Victims
1 in 4 smokers die during middle age
·Bryan Lee Curtis - age 34
·Noni Glykos - age 33
·Deborah Scott - age 39
·Kim Genovy - age 47
·Chris Punch Andrews - age 43
·Barb Tarbox - age 41
·Melinda Brockett - age 39
·Carrie Hamilton - age 38
·Susan DeWitt - age 43
·Chris Dinkmeyer - age 41
·Fred Goldman - age 43
·Debbie Williams - age 43
·Quentin McGowan - age 23
·Char - age 33
·You - age ?
20 living disease victims for each death
·Brandon Charmichael - age 23
·Randy - age 41
·Janice - age 51
Free Smoking Solutions
Unplanned attempts twice as successful
· The Law of Addiction
· Basic quitting tips
· Detailed quitting tips
· The first 72 hours
· 100 quitting lessons
· Ebook: "Never Take Another Puff"
· Ebook: "Freedom from Nicotine"
· Audio quitting lessons
· Daily quitting lesson guide
· 64 video quitting lessons
· Quitting meters and counters
· Free online stop smoking support
· Index to key quit smoking topics
· Motivation, education & support guide

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Imagine being 38 years and told your cancer is incurable.
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We each roll the dice when we fail to quit smoking cigarettes and 1 in 4 of us are dying in middle-age. Imagine being a 33 year-old Camel smoker with a new baby, yet dead six months before its first birthday.

Imagine losing your 33 year-old mother to lung cancer, six months
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