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Youth Smoking & Nicotine
Dependency Prevention

Kids Just Don't Get It!

Tobacco as a Gateway Drug

Frightening Trends in Teenage Smoking

What Can We Do to Stop the Rise of Teen Smoking?

Why I don't speak at more sites on how to help people quit smoking

Why care about child and teen tobacco use?

Reflect on these youth nicotine use facts:

With all that we know about the dangers of smoking, why do so many adolescents still start smoking every day? Early experimentation with cigarettes and other nicotine containing products historically has lead to a lifelong nicotine addiction and thus to the use of products that are deadly, so deadly in fact that cigarettes have been deemed the most preventable cause of premature death in almost all developed nations.

Many who don't die from cigarettes will still become diseased, impaired or crippled from them. Not only are cigarettes deadly, they're expensive, too. Students taking up smoking today are likely to spend their entire life dependent upon a product that will end up costing them tens of thousands of dollars, as well as their health and their lives. Again though, children and teens are still taking up smoking in large numbers.

What can be done to help prevent children and teenagers from developing a lifelong addiction to nicotine? The above articles explore the reasons why so many children and adolescents take up smoking each year. They offer practical advice on what public health officials can do to help to reverse these trends. They also explain how teachers and school administrators can protect their students, as well as what parents can do to help their children avoid becoming addicted.

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