Joel’s Halloween Fearfest

Halloween is a holiday where people try to scare themselves. It is a perfect holiday to address irrational fears people have regarding quitting as well as the frightening realities faced by people who smoke and do not quit. For those looking for blood and guts, some of the videos linked below will meet those needs too. What is really scary is that all of the stories and pictures related in those videos are real. Scaring yourself to death is really pretty hard to do. Smoking yourself to death isn’t. Don’t use fear to trick yourself into not quitting–treat yourself to a healthier and happier life by making and sticking to a personal commitment to never take another puff.

Videos addressing the fears surrounding quitting smoking:

The fear of success
The fear of failure
The fear of relapsing
Quitting smoking out of fear
Quitting smoking can make you calmer, happier and healthier
Everything you did as a smoker you can do as an ex-smoker
Are you questioning your New Year’s resolution to quit smoking?
“I’ll be a nervous wreck forever if I quit smoking”
“I’ll never be as productive again if I quit smoking”

Videos addressing to the scary effects of smoking with no gory pictures:

“I don’t want to see any scary pictures”
Feel what it is like to breathe with emphysema
The palmolive bottle demonstration
“I can’t quit or I won’t quit”
The power of nicotine addiction
Premature deaths caused by smoking

For those wanting to see the blood and guts kind of destructions caused by smoking:

Heart and circulatory diseases
Lung cancer
See how smoking destroys your lungs