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Videos to enhance your ability to quit smoking

picture of Joel SpitzerChicago's Joel Spitzer is approaching 50 years of service in educating smokers as to why they smoke, why they should quit, how to stop, and how to stay free. So, what was it like to attend one of Joel's 690 single-session live seminars lasting up to 2 hours?

Below are links to 98 minutes of YouTube videos sharing the basic foundation nicotine dependency recovery lessons included in Joel's seminars. The numbers following each topic are the length of each video (minutes and seconds).

I'm John R. Polito, WhyQuit's founder and a former 30-year heavy smoker. Having presented more than 80 two-hour seminars modeled on Joel's, I've seen and lived the value of his lessons.

If desiring greater depth of understanding - a full two-week stop smoking clinic-type experience - take a quick tour of the daily lessons shared in Joel's Daily Quitting Lesson Guide located at the bottom of this page.

Should you have any questions along the way, don't be shy. Post them as YouTube comments beneath Joel's AskJoel video.

Why delay any longer? Life here on Easy Street is vastly more do-able and far more wonderful than your urge for that next nicotine fix will suggest.

Baby steps, just one lesson at a time, become wiser than nicotine's grip upon your brain, thinking, health and life. Yes you can!

Joel's Library - Never Take Another Puff

Joel's Seminar Lessons

Videos to watch to enhance your ability to quit smoking: 04:38

Why you smoke

Why do smokers smoke? 18:01

Why you should quit

Heart and circulatory diseases: 19:18

Lung cancer: 18:48

Feel what it is like to breathe with emphysema: 08:46

The palmolive bottle demonstration: 07:45

Premature deaths caused by smoking: 12:34

How to stop smoking

How to quit smoking: 13:46

How to stay off

Never Take Another Puff (NTAP): 04:22

Supplemental Reading

I Can't Quit or I Won't Quit

"I Will Quit When...."

Waiting to Bottom Out


Daily Quitting Lesson Guide

starting your quit
Day one (1) of quitting smoking cigarettes Day four (4)of quitting smoking cigarettes
Day two 2)of quitting smoking cigarettes Day six (3)of quitting smoking cigarettes
Day three(3)of stopping smoking cigarettes The second week of quitting smoking cigarettes
Getting on with your nicotine and cigarette free life

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