Resources regarding the fears involved with quitting smoking

Video introduces the resource page exploring the many fears people have regarding smoking or quitting. Most people greatly underestimate the dangers of smoking and vastly overestimate the problems of quitting.

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How people underestimate the dangers of smoking:

Premature deaths caused by smoking 
But smoking is the only vice I have left

How people overestimate the problems with quitting:

The fear of success
The fear of failure
The fear of relapsing
Quitting smoking: A fate worse than death
Quitting smoking can make you calmer, happier and healthier
Are you questioning your New Year’s resolution to quit smoking?

Unwarranted fears faced by smokers considering quitting:

Can second hand smoke cause relapse
Everything you did as a smoker you can do as an ex-smoker
“I’ll be a nervous wreck forever if I quit smoking”
“I’ll never be as productive again if I quit smoking”
I am afraid I might get addicted to my nicotine replacement therapy
To avoid any confusion, all nicotine addicted smoke are already addicted to nicotine replacement products

Limitations of quitting smoking simply out of fear:

Quitting smoking out of fear
I don’t want to see any scary pictures

How many people fear that there is nothing that can be done to help young people from taking up smoking:

Kids just don’t get it 
The use of scare tactics

Resources highlighting the fact that quitting smoking is more doable than most people think:

Breaking free from nicotine’s grip is more doable than most people think